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Create financial freedom by using other people’s property

Financial Freedom through Rent to Rent is a life changing report that will empower you to liberate yourself from the 9-5 without risking all your capital or getting yourself into debt.

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In This FREE Guide You Will Discover:

  • How to get agreements with landlords

  • How to manage property subletting

  • How to generate profits with a R2R strategy

  • Potential risks and challenges and how to approach them.

  • Why landlords will be attracted to a scheme that you propose by explaining what they are looking for.

  • How to negotiate favorable terms

  • How to gain a greater understanding of the local rental market

  • What are the best routes to effective marketing?

  • Why you should screen tenants.

  • What is serviced accommodation and why it is a great strategy?

  • How to reduce risk in offering a guaranteed rent scheme

    ….and so much more.


Stephen Sacks is a serial entrepreneur and funding expert who owns several successful businesses. He bought Forward Thinking Lettings in 2022 together with his wife, Harriet and they have subsequently consolidated and grown this exciting business.

They are now financially free. That means they get to work mostly remotely and always on their own terms.

Previously Harriet worked in the medical industry and had a long commute before having to deal with a lot of office politics.

Now she chooses where and when she works and has a lot more time to dedicate to her many other passions like playing and watching sport.

They take amazing holidays away with their adult children and partners without even needing to check in on the business, and the best thing of all, is that they can treat everyone to a wonderful time without expecting them to contribute. Perhaps that’s something you’d like too?

Financial Freedom through Rent to Rent

In this guide you'll learn how you can become financially free through this exciting property strategy too, as well as helping landlords maximise the value they get from their properties, and helping tenants enjoy a comfortable, good value place to live in.

Being financially free is not living from pay check to pay check but having something set aside. It gives you the ability to make decisions that are not financially constrained. So it really is worth aiming for as it will change your life forever.

Here’s the crazy thing though…

This new method for being financially free doesn’t require you to have large amounts of capital available or take on large debt which is a huge issue for people currently trying to become property entrepreneurs right now, especially given high interest rates and unpredictable property prices.


This is a better strategy that is less hassle. More profitable, and gets better results.

Looking for an investment property deal that stacks is just way too difficult in the current market and is a LOT of work.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, or where you need to find it, then you can spend an awful lot of time, energy and money searching for deals that ultimately don’t deliver, and that has become even more difficult in the current market of course.

That’s why this system, which offers landlords guaranteed rents, and manages their properties for them, means that you can benefit from the reliable cashflow that property produces - without risking your capital or exposing yourself to interest rates or property price fluctuations.

What Our Clients Say

“We are delighted to have secured the investment in LAS and are incredibly excited by the growth prospects of the business as well as the many synergies that will occur from bringing the LAS branding expertise into PDS. We were very grateful to have the excellent support, advice and experience of the Stephen Sacks and the Funding Nav team throughout the transaction. They were instrumental in helping us find this investment, as well as structuring, negotiating and delivering a successful deal.”

Pallak Seth, Vice Chairman of PDS Multinational

This is so exciting to us as well as our clients as it de-risks everything.

It’s a shortcut to generating financial freedom through property in a fraction of the time that it might normally take.

And it has sky-high success rates, compared to what everyone else is doing.

This strategy has such a high success rate and it's much easier to become financially free through using it, than the other methods that are being touted around by the property trainers.

It’s because it’s simple. All you need to find are tired, demotivated landlords and offer them a guaranteed rent to run their properties for a certain length of time.

However, that’s time consuming and challenging if you don’t know where to start, and that’s why Forward Thinking Lettings will do it for you.

Forward Thinking Lettings was one of the first businesses to exploit this rent-to-rent concept, as its called, and it’s been trading successfully for over ten years, perfecting its systems and growing its reputation.

They have hundreds of happy tenants and best of all, even happier landlords on their books, meaning the best deals and tenants always come to them.

There are 3 steps to the process. Here’s how it works.

Step #1 is we focus on one singular strategy that we know is deliverable in any market whether prices are increasing or declining.

We know that most people who attend expensive property education programmes get confused with the huge array of options. When you get confused, you tend to lose motivation and stop taking action and of course if you take no action then you are guaranteed to get no results.

Alternatively, and this is also very common, they overextend themselves by acquiring a property with a large mortgage which simply doesn’t perform for them. Then they end up losing money, being locked in to an asset that has become a liability, and becoming one of those demotivated landlords themselves.

Step #2 is we work with our clients as partners to deliver them the first elements of their business together rather than leave them to flounder on their own.

Because, motivating yourself to learn a business model like this from scratch is difficult to impossible for most people, whereas working with someone who literally holds your hand until you have the confidence and motivation to succeed is a game changer.

It is easy to become overconfident and make novice mistakes when you don't know what you don't know.

We work with your to avoid those unnecessary time and profit draining traps, that will only keep you stuck.

Step #3 is we offer our partners the entire brand and systems that Forward Thinking Lettings has developed over the last 12 years.

Without these trusted brand and systems new entrants to the market will be unable to convince potential landlords to trust them with their properties, and because of this they will be unable to maintain profitability.

This strategy is not a license to print money and if you attempt it without knowing what you are doing then you will find it very easy to lose money.

This is why we hand hold you all the way, ensuring that your route to profit and financial freedom is fast and simple.

This is the method that helped us to profit from over 100 tenants at the same time.

It’s the same method we use for to help landlords deal effectively with all their property problems.

This powerful and proven strategy will help you overcome a lack of focus and lack of results in your property journey.

Spending too much time researching and planning and not enough time acting and doing.

What Our Clients Say

“We are delighted to have secured the debt deal on favourable terms and are incredibly excited by the growth prospects of the business. We were very grateful to have the excellent support, advice and experience initially of Stephen Sacks and the Funding Nav and ultimately the Primary Finance team throughout the transaction. They were instrumental in helping us find suitable funding partners, as well as structuring, negotiating and delivering a successful deal.”

Client CEO

Let's cut straight to the chase…

Our team offers a done-with-you and done-for-you franchising service. Using this system of giving landlords guaranteed rents means that franchisees will benefit from the reliable cashflow that property produces but without risking their capital or exposing themselves to interest rates or asset price fluctuations.

This will get you financially free predictably & profitably.

If this is something you would like, download our FREE report or schedule a call today.

Here’s what we’ll do on the call:

We’ll walk you through the entire system of how you can set up this business, find the right landlords and properties, check in advance that they’re profitable, negotiate the right deal on them, make sure that they are maximised for profitability and are legally , and then we’ll help you let them so that you can become financially free, fast.

In fact, we’re willing to guarantee it.

We’ll also explain how we work with you hand in hand to get your first three houses under management. We make no additional charge for that. And we offer you a full moneyback guarantee if we don’t offer you at least three deals within the first three months.

Of course, we’ve done this ourselves and we have an impeccable reputation in the industry when it comes to getting results for landlords and tenants, which is why we want to offer this system to others.

So, if you would like to become our next success story click the link below right now and either download our free guide to find out more, or book a call with us.

If we both choose to move forward together, we’ll get to work right away to help you become financially free like us.

What Our Clients Say

“Stephen got us in front of a VC partner within 2 weeks of starting the search, and we’ve just successfully closed the round. Funding Nav were responsive and supportive throughout the process and got us the funding we needed quickly and on good terms. Highly recommend!”

CEO Simon Green

Now let's face it.

The truth is that if you try and go it alone, you’re going to lack focus and lack results. You’ll keep wasting your time researching and planning and you won’t get into acting and doing.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

  • Without a proven process to follow, it’s going to be like trying to drive a car with one wheel locked.

  • You can hit the gas but you’re going to go round in circles.

  • That’s the last thing we'd want for you.

  • As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago…

  • The second-best time to plant a tree is today.

Becoming financially free through property doesn’t need to be complex or time consuming. It doesn’t need to be a struggle.

In fact, when you implement a proven and profitable rent to rent property strategy, you will quickly see how you can build a reliable income through using other peoples property, and escape the income and profit drain of owning so-called assets that quickly turn into liabilities.

The process is much simpler and faster than you’d imagine.

You have two options from here.

Option #1 is that you continue doing what you’re doing right now.

And nothing will change.

You’ll continue getting what you’re getting right now.

Option #2 is to use our proven process to get this solved, once and for all - and we’ll help you every step of the way.

So if you’d like to have a conversation about implementing our system to get financially free hit the button below now and schedule a chat with us.

Please also know that this will not be a high-pressure sales call! That isn’t how we do business. This call will be short & pleasant - you have our word on that.

Please be aware that while we do open up spots every few months, we always operate near capacity because of the hands-on nature of our program. We personally work with all of our franchisees which means that we are extremely limited in how many we can take on at any time.

This simply isn’t a ‘course’ that we can dish out to hundreds or thousands of people.

Every new person who works with us gets 1-1 care and attention, so we can’t work with too many people at once.

We’ll move mountains to make sure we get results for you.

We’d love nothing more than to make YOU our next success story with this new method that is SO much easier than everything else that’s out there.

What Our Clients Say

“Stephen Sacks and Funding Nav helped to facilitate a deal that I didn’t even think was possible at the outset where we would be able to expand at the rate that we have bust without selling any equity.

Stephen Sacks CEO of Funding Nav said “ Jeremy and his team are amazing and the business that Airbox is building is truly impressive, we are glad to have helped them on their journey.”

Jeremy Tan CEO of Airbox


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